I want my brand to stand out, add value, attract customers and build loyalty.


For customer-oriented brands.


We apply Big Data and Datamining to discover trends and patterns and be able to anticipate changes in the market.

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In an increasingly globalized and competitive market, in which the thresholds of consumer satisfaction are covered in a generalized manner, the success and differentiation of a product or service goes beyond being good or correct. It is about surviving in the memory of the consumer, turning their experience into a unique and worthy event to repeat.

The value of a brand is measured by its ability to generate links with consumers and identify them with it. In its ability to be part of your day to day, whether it is a product or service consumed or used by them or if it is a product or service recognized, respected and loved. The brand is that which enters into the life of people and accompany them throughout it, staying by their side in a natural and assimilated way.

From Estrategias de Éxito we focus on identifying, consolidating and enhancing those aspects that add value to consumers and provide the brand with a strategic positioning within its sector.

We design studies that act on the key aspects that affect the consumer and condition their choice over others. We act both on specific aspects independently and on the set of inputs that influence the consumer, using BIG DATA tools that help us:

  • Discover causal connections.
  • Establish time series.
  • Identify trends.
  • Make predictions.
  • Etc…


Make it a brand that falls in love, with which consumers feel identified and trust it, establishing a consolidated and prolonged relationship over time.
big data3

We apply Big Data tools to identify the real impact of each variable on the result, the relationship between them, as well as to predict future trends.

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We define programs that host, include and link all the available information, evaluating the incidence of each piece of information in the process of linking brand to consumer, generating reliable and high-value strategic information, to design, apply optimally and evaluate the different corporate actions.

FOTO5 formacion y coaching

We invest in the human capital of our clients through training and coaching programs.

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We train teams and people to face the challenges and difficulties of day to day, improving their skills and knowledge in the search for the improvement of business management, increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as satisfaction and loyalty of the clients.

We customize the actions, directing them to overcome the deficiencies detected as well as enhancing those aspects of added value that are perceived.

News and trends

La evolución del escaparatismo como reflejo de la oferta comercial y la personalidad de la marca. De una mera exposición de producto, a la creación de escenarios y..... nos dirigimos hacia la holografía y el dinamismo?

Revitalización de las @galeriesmalda a través de la especialización y posicionamiento de muchos de sus locales en temática fantastica. Fans de Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Juego de Tronos.....
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La vinculación del consumidor con la marca va más allá de la venta de un producto.....una estrategia con visión de futuro. #MarcayExito #MarcayÉxito #retail #branding #BrandandSuccess #marketing