Collaboration, beyond cooperation.

Thinking about an article “La Vanguardia”April, 25th 2020.

One of the first aspects that a company must consider is to become aware of itself, what is its true dimension, its place in the market, its strengths and weaknesses, the characteristics of the product or service it offers and the scope it desires have within its sector.

Once we know who we are and what we want, the design of the business strategy begins. Within the different parameters of the strategy, we have two options. The first is to compete alone, thinking that our characteristics will offer us the desired positioning, with a sufficient niche that will guarantee us the future. The second is to weave an associative or collaborative network with other companies, either on a timely or permanent basis, that can complement and enhance our characteristics and services, giving us greater consistency and reach in the market, with greater security in the face of uncertainties, but without losing our identity.

Sometimes, this collaboration process is mediated, planned in time, within the development and evolution that mark the market rules. Sometimes, like the current one, it is due to moments of change and uncertainty, where to move forward it is necessary to add joint actions and strategies in the face of unforeseen scenarios. It is at these times that companies with a more flexible and inclusive vision gain solvency in the face of market needs. It is in these moments where WE prevails over the SELF. It is in these moments where the collaborative vision surpasses cooperation.

Collaborating is working together to achieve a final goal, while cooperating is working individually within a structure to achieve that goal. Collaborative strategies and activities are carried out together, with consensual decisions, where everyone learns from everyone, in a hierarchical order bit sharing experiences and knowledge. In cooperation, individual responsibility prevails personalized knowledge that is shared through listening, not through common experience.

Cooperation is useful to us at specific times with a more limited journey. Collaboration is a model that guarantees us greater wealth, which implies a more long-term vision, greater dependency between the parties, but also that we all join forces to the same extent with that common objective.

What are the keys to a good collaborative relationship? TRUST and absolute COMMITMENT between the parties. We are prepared?

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