Adapt to overcome uncertainty.

Thinking about an article “La Vanguardia”April, 20th 2020.

First of all, we are all immersed in a moment of uncertainty, not only business, where profits and expenses have not decreases at the same speed, but also personal and social.

The Covid-19 has caught us by surprise, it is already here, let’s not give it any more thought or look into the past about what we could have done, if we fell asleep or trusted ourselves, if we lost our interest in innovating, thinking that our acquired inertias were going to allow us to continue within our comfort zone. There are no gurus or visionaries, that nobody takes responsibility for the sentence “it could be seen coming”, that nobody takes responsibility for alleged revolutionary ideas that will change the world of business and the economy.

Everything is simpler, everything is more effective, just keep calm, sit down to think and apply common sense to our decisions. Maintain serenity to be able to see things in perspective, not to rush, to remain optimistic, to remember that our path has always been full of challenges that we have overcome. Sit down to think to see if the path we have taken so far is the one we want to continue maintaining in the future, if our business model will be sustainable in the future times, what we have done so far and what we want to do in the coming months. Apply common sense to our decisions, with investments dimensioned to our reality, developing a product or service that goes beyond the needs of our clients, that exceeds their expectations, creating new relationship formulas with them.

If we are able to face this new challenge without falling into past mistakes or complacency, we will all win, both as entrepreneurs and as consumers. We will be able to adapt our way of operating for the greater comfort and benefit of our clients, in the same way that we as consumers would like to enjoy more pleasant environments and a better customer experience.

Do we remember the crowds at the points of sale?, the lack of space in transport?, the crowds in bars and restaurants?, the poor quality of some products?, delays in deliveries?, endless working hours?…….perhaps that is the normality to which we should never return.

It’s just adaptation.

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