Channel, location and environment

Choose the best location, in what conditions and what channel use to sell our product/service, achieving greater reach, greater visibility, optimizing the expenditure made either in our own stores or at agreed points of sale, as well as deciding the geographical areas where we decided to have presence.

  • What are the best locations to open my centers?
  • With what surfaces or companies do I reach agreements to sell my products/services?
  • Through what channels distribute the products or services? In what terms?
  • In which geographical areas do I act?
  • Do all my establishments have the homogeneous corporate image and what do I want?
  • Do the agreed points of sale treat my product according to the negociated conditions?
  • …..
What are we looking for?
How do we do it?
What do we get?

What are we looking for?


That our product will be present in those most relevant points, that more value contribute to the brand and where there is a greater influx of potential public.


That the point of sale is located in an environment with great visibility, easy accessibility, with a notable influx of the public, with a complementary offer that helps to attract potential public and with a competitive offer as small as possible.


That our product has a notorious presence, with an optimal location, with great visibility, with the appropriate promotion and with the desired stock. That the corporate image and merchandising predominant within the point of sale is that of our brand.


Analyze the best location for the opening of a new business or point of sale and make its investment profitable.


That the channel where the brand is present is the most appropriate, the one that transmits its essence and identifies with its corporate values, reaching the profile of the desired consumer.


That the own points of  sale comply with the standards of brand image, that the customer’s experience is developed within a space where they are welcomed, motivated and encouraged to purchase action.

How do we do it?

Product audits/Check stores

That our product has a predominant visibility and location within the point, with an optimal stock and with an impact higher to that of the competitors.

Image audits

That the point of sale meets the desired corporate image standards, offering an image of the homogeneous, attractive and consolidated channel. That the image of our brand is above the competitors.

Visual marketing

That both the fixed elements and those subject to campaigns and point-of-sale promotions facilitate an attractive, functional and comfortable environment, and that motivate the customer to buy/consume.

Management point of sale/Brand Ambassador

Motivate and support the point of sale in their training needs, product knowledge, stock and promotional material. Ensure the notoriety of the brand in the point.


Evaluate the integration of the points of sale and the relationship with the environment, obtaining competitive advantages over other brands, optimizing the location and making the investment profitable.

Mystery Shopper/Guest

Analyze the perception and impact that the customer receives when entering the point of sale, auditing how the image of the brand increases or devaluates its value depending on the aspect of the channel or point.

Infrastructure evaluation, access, urban planning, territorial resources and mobility flows

Evaluate the level of equipment, resources, urban planning, accessibility and transportation in the area, as well as the influx and flows of people.

What do we get?


Improvement of the location, visibility and notoriety of the product.


Preeminence of the brand image in multibrands spaces.


Improvement of the visibility and impact of the message or communication campaigns.


Compliance with the desired corporate image. Homogeneity of the channel and adaptation to the essence of the brand.


Disposición de un espacio atractivo, funcional y adecuado para el desarrollo de la acción de consumo.


Optimization of the circuits of purchase or consumption within the space.


Increase notoriety in the area and sales volume. Elaborate maps of influence of brands by zones to know the scope of each within the territory.


Enhance and improve the relationship with intermediaries and distributors, encouraging and motivating for the preeminence of our brand over others.


Enhance the differential value by taking advantage of the synergies of the complementary offer and differentiating from the competitor.


Reduce risks and optimize investment in sales points, evaluating the characteristics of the area of influence and indentifying threats and opportunities.