Communication and brand image

Locate our potential audience and reach them in a optimal way. Offer the most appropriate message that transmits the corporate value with which we wish to be identified in the market. Use the most suitable channels to have a greater diffusion and the same time be appropriate for that image we want to transmit.

  • Where do I find my potential audience and how do I get there?
  • How do I establish fluid, permanent and effective communication channels with my clients?
  • What is the message that I am interested in transmitting? How do I get their attention and identify with my company?
  • Through what channels/media do I transmit the message?
  • Is my campaign really having the desired effect? How to get it?
  • What is the notoriety of my brand in the market?
  • …..
What are we looking for?
How do we do it?
What do we get?

What are we looking for?


That the content of the message we wish to transmit to the potential audience reflects unequivocally the essence and values of our brand, and that it obtains the desired impact.


That the channel used is the most appropriate and consistent with the positioning of our brand. Let our message be present in the exact place and time, where our target audience will be.


That the scope of our message fits to the dimensioning that we seek and is directed exactly to the profile of the desired audience. That we habe the desired impact whether we address a mass audience through more mainstream channels or we do it to a more exclusive public through specialized and less visible channels.


That our brand can be associated with events, places or public figures that can act as ambassadors and represent the values with which we wish to identify our brand.

How do we do it?

Analysis of communication, content, publication and media management

We evaluate the presence of the brand in the media and other channels, analyzing its message, visibility and frequency.

Impact measurements

That the communication actions have had the desired impact and that the notoriety and the valuation of the brand have experienced a growth with respect to the initial situation.

Advertising pre and post-test

We analyze the perception that the public obtains of the received communication, what transmits them, what they value about it, what aspects they like and what aspects do not convince them.

Image audits

That the communication transmitted by the brand at the point of sale is the desired one, and that the different elements used have a prominent and attractive presence.

Management point of sale/Brand Ambassador

We reinforced the presence and notoriety of the brand over its competitors in the multi-brand point of sale, achieving a better location at the point, notoriety and predisposition for the purchase.

Search and identification of spaces, opinion leaders and references

We locate those spaces, events and personalities that may be associated with our brand because they meet the values we want to be recognized.

What do we get?


That our brand is promoted through the appropriate media, project an accurate message and have the desired impact on the potencial audience.


Succeed with our communication campaigns and advertising messages, polling the opinion of our potential audience before the launch of the campaign or later.


Measure the profitability of our communication campaigns, relating the investment made with the impact generated and its return.


Ensure that the brand image at the point of sale is the desired, that our potential audience receives the right message in form and content each time it enters one of our points.


Establish satisfactory relationships with distributors and representatives that guarantee that our brand will have a better visual treatment and notoriety than competitors in multi-brand points.


Greater acceptance of our brand and reach by linking it with spaces, events and personalities admired and loved by the public.