Service, sale and prescription

Offer customers/consumers a personalized and quality service, knowledgeable about the product, with the ability to detect needs and advise them on the best opcion. Get them satisfied by the personal treatment received, with a professional team, motivated and involved in the sales process.

Improve sales ratios, with the ability to add value to our products/services and create prescribing equipment that identifies with corporate values.

  • How is the customer/consumer service offered at our points of sale?
  • How is our products or services offered and what is said about them in non-owned channels?
  • We have a motivated and professional sales team?
  • Do they know the product and know how to sell it?
  • What are the strengths of the teams? And their shortcomings?
  • How do I get a team that can represent my brand, sell my products/services and built loyalty to customers?
  • …..
What are we looking for?
How do we do it?
What do we get?

What are we looking for?


Have a motivated and high performance commercial team.


That the sales and customer service team identify with the corporate culture and its values, and act as perfect ambassadors for the brand.


Enhance positive team atttitudes that generate satisfaction and customer loyalty and correct those negative attitudes that damage the brand image.


Achieve maximum satisfaction and customer loyalty thanks to the quality of the service and the orientation towards customers of the sales teams.


Create a team of prescribers capable of placing our brand above its competitors.

How do we do it?

Satisfaction studies and customer loyalty

Through quantitative and qualitative methodologies we measure the degree of customer satisfaction with the brand and the loyalty to it in the medium and long term.

Mystery Shopper/Guest

Evaluate and improve the quality of the service provided, the personalized treatment and customer orientation on the part of the sales teams and front-line staff.

Competences and capacities audits

We create customized maps of skills, competences, talent and knowledge of the members of sales and sales teams.

Incompany and outcompany training

We design training actions for both work teams and leaders, with the aim of improving the human capital of your company.

Communication, monitoring and reinforcement

We establish accessible and clear channels and communication guidelines between the brand and its teams, with the aim of reinforcing their identification with it and internalizing corporate values.

Incentive programs

Both for internal teams and external prescribers, we design incentive programs that motivate, encourage and reward the best professionals or ambassadors.

What do we get?


Improve customer service, achieving a high level of satisfaction in the short term and loyalty to medium and long term.


Evaluate and know the service quality index of our sales and commercial teams, identifying their shortcomings and potentialities in order to improve the human capital of the brand.


Optimizing HR at the point of sale or distribution area, both for functions performed, distribution in space and scope of influence.


Create effective work teams and managers with leadership skills.


Loyalty of the teams, getting motivated professionals committed to corporate objectives.


Internalization of corporate values, commercial skills and good professional practices, converting them into habits and applying them in the improvement of customer service.


Establishment of an attractive system of recognition and assessment of the best professionals and teams, getting a permanent incentive to sell more and better.


Our brand is prescribed in a natural and spontaneous way by recognized professionals and external to our company, becoming our best ambassadors.